carbon fibre plate


The Carbon Fiber Sheet or Carbon Fiber Plate is manufactured using 100% carbon fiber reinforcement and epoxy resin. The surface can choose from will /plain, matte/glossy. without any glass fiber contents. It is especially applicable for the FPV frame, helicopters, and RC airplanes. We are able to do Carbon Fiber CNC cutting Parts for RC Helicopter, RC cars, UAV frame, drone frame, multi-copter frame, camera gimbal frame or others per your specifications. Our factory use imported Japan TORAY or Taiwan TAIRYFIL carbon fiber fabric to make the carbon fiber plates/carbon fiber sheets.


1.High Strength, Light Weight, Environmental, Durable Nice Surface, Fashion

2.Low Coefficiency Of Thermal Expansion, High-Temperature Resistance
3.Good Tenacity, Good Toughness, Low Coefficiency Of Thermal Expansion


1. Aerospace, Helicopters Model Drone , UAVS, FPV, RC Model Parts
2.Manufacture Fixtures And Tooling, Industrial Automation And Robotics
3.Sports Equipment, Musical Instruments, Medical Device
4.Building Construction Repair And Strengthening
5.Car Interior Decoration Parts, Art Products
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