Project Case

CARBON TECHNOLOGY is also a service company,offering carbon fiber strengthening service in China.If clients demand,we could send our skillful engineers to your country,to guide your technicians how to repair and reinforce the concrete or steel on the spot.

Project case

Strengthening of communication room of Shanghai Exchange Stock with carbon fiber cloth.
1. Project overview
The project is located in Jinqiao Export Processing Zone, Pudong New Area, Shanghai. The strengthening material is carbon fiber reinforced cloth, which needs 13000 square meters of carbon fiber cloth and matching glue. The strengthening effect is good.
2.Reasons why need reinforcement
Functional change of original buildings
It is mentioned in the project overview that the building was originally an office building, which is now transformed into a communication room. The loading is obviously increased. Now, the beams and plates are strengthened with carbon fiber to improve the tensile strength, so as to achieve the loading conditions of the functional transformation of the building. So the carbon fiber strengthening method is considered first.
3.Reinforcement effect
3.1. Effective control of the beam, slab crack to increase,the cracks were repaired.
3.2. After reinforcement, the weight of the main body hardly increased and the indoor space was not affected.
3.3. It can effectively improve the bearing capacity of beams and slabs and meet the requirements of structural function transformation.