who are we?
Tianjin Carbon Technology Co.,Ltd. was incorporated in 2011 in China, it is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales of carbon fiber reinforced polymer materials, advanced resin materials, composite materials, supporting technologies and products, focusing on providing customers with system solutions in the field of carbon fiber reinforcement materials. Carbon Technology has more than ten high-tech products, successfully applied for many new material projects in provinces and cities, and has more than 200 national patents, of which more than 40% are invention patents. Our yearly output of carbon fiber reinforced polymer is 3 million square meters.Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer System(CFRP) is consist of carbon fiber reinforcement cloth and epoxy resin,it is a perfect solution that can strengthen concrete structure/steel structure on the spot, SAFE, FAST, no matter the structure is bridge, beam, tunnel, wall or steel equipment. Its resin temperature range is from -5℃ to 120℃, after curing the CFRP system has incredibly high tensile strength—up to 10 times stronger than steel, meanwhile its weight is only 1/4 of steel.Since 2011, our Company has been developing and designing CFRP products and technology to strengthen concrete/steel. Now we are one of the well-known suppliers in North China who provide CFRP products and services. Our products are welcomed by our Chinese clients and have been exported to many countries, already having a high reputation in the international market.With a well match team of skilled and disciplined staffs with over 10 years of carbon fiber reinforcement experiences, CARBON TECHNOLOGY offers technical services value in both concrete buildings and steel pipes. We offer technical advanced products and technical solutions to help clients avoid unwanted wastage.We also offer carbon fiber reinforcement training if our clients demand, with our expert training, our clients will become skillful engineers. We are here 7 X 24 hours looking forward to your call or email. Your success is our goal and we strive to be a good partner of your business.
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